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We encourage change and purpose through adventure

We are a family of passionate outdoor educators and love working with people. As a Team, we strive to be a team example.

Encouragement is at the core of our operation. Encouragement is the way we present challenges and activities. It gives people courage to step out and do different things.

Change is an important part of our personal growth. It is crucial for success and influence. If we don't change, we stagnate and become ineffective.

A sense of purpose is the fuel for change and success in life. We believe everyone has an important purpose in the world we live in, and we like to help people on a journey to find that purpose.

Adventure is our tool to make life fun. Deep down we all crave adventure. Adventure equals a vibrant, passionate life.


"The staff of Vertec Adventure are highly skilled, passionate and dedicated individuals. They are our first choice in Outdoor Recreation. We cannot speak too highly of them - professional in every way"Dr Stephen Beaumont, Director, Briswestcare Association Inc.
"There isn’t a better organisation for outdoor activity than Vertec Adventure. They support our endeavours with wonderful service, and flexibility. Their people are well qualified and rich in character. Most importantly Sam and his Team care deeply that the outdoor experience is one that will change people’s view on life. That commitment to developing well adjusted people is unequalled in my view. I recommend them highly.”Dan Jackson - The Leader Who Inspires
Young people often need to be encouraged or guided to recognise and take responsibility for their behaviour, and I believe adventure based learning is the most effective way to do this. As a trainer, I have come to know some of the Vertec Adventure instructors, and have been consistently impressed with their skills, motivation and attention to detail when it comes to the conduction of adventure activities. I highly recommend Vertec Adventure because they focus on helping young people apply the new skills and insights gained from the challenging adventures and positive experiences they provide.Jono Goss - Outdoor Recreation Instructor
I would highly recommend Vertec Adventure to any school planning a camp. The staff were very friendly and accommodating to all our students needs and requirements. The sessions were just the right amount of time and were always fun and exciting. The facilities were spectacular and each activity was safe and interesting for all students. The Vertec staff had a real passion for their job and showed enthusiasm in everything they did. Students are still talking about how much fun they had on camp!Stacey Davison - HPE Teacher, Kenmore State High School
I just wanted to write you a quick note to say a huge THANK YOU for your awesome holiday Rockwall activity and fantastic staff. My daughter has a rare disability which causes her to have, among other things, low muscle tone. This means she finds all physical activities more challenging than most children. Your amazing staff ... were both patient and encouraging with her and for the first time ever she accomplished the climbing wall – not only once but several times! Her confidence was through the roof by the end of the holidays. Both of my boys had a ball as well, challenging themselves with the various climbs in the end by getting me to time how quickly they could do the climb and trying to beat their times! It’s an awesome activity and one which my kids have not stopped talking about – so Thanks again.Roschell -GCCC Holiday Program Participant
I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to the bloke who was running the activity, he really was fabulous and so kind, ... not to mention energetic. My son who is 14 really looked up to him and said 'he would like to do a job like he was doing', as he made it look so fun. He was also amazingly patient with my daughter who isn't the easiest child to direct (she has mild learning probs and has difficulty understanding direction and nearly every time she went on, she still got on the wrong way and had to be directed the correct way, even after numerous goes and he was so kind and understanding, even I would of got frustrated with her).Laura- GCCC Holiday Program Participant
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your company to any person I encounter and I will be keeping an eye out for the next adventure I can attend. There is not one thing I could fault (except my own inability to catch a fish...hahahaha), we are now looking at purchasing some kayaks ourselves but will keep an eye out on what you guys have on offer that suits us both :) Again thank you for such a great few hours out on the water.Janelle- BCC Active & Healthy Participant
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