About Us

Vertec Adventure demonstrate excellence in program safety, communication and a passion to bring adventure to people in all walks of life. We impact lives through highly influential, outdoor adventure programs. Our programs impart unique skills, values and character in a fun and engaging format. We utilise key experiences to help individuals develop a sense of self worth and confidence as they learn to lead themselves. Each individual is inspired with a sense of purpose, to go beyond their comfort zone, to lead and motivate those in their sphere of influence.


  • We have a passion to facilitate programs with excellence while offering outdoor recreation with purpose.
  • We use adventure and the outdoors as a tool to bring about positive change and a personal sense of purpose and potential for individuals in the community.
  • We provide programs that build respect, develop leadership qualities and strengthen character.
  • We hold an excellent safety record and pride ourselves in the safe delivery of adventure activities.
  • We teach people respect for the environment and treat the environment accordingly on all programs.
  • We believe in the importance of the family structure and encourage any effort directed towards making families stronger.
  • We believe that Biblical principles and values are important for successful living.
  • We believe in the promotion of healthy lifestyles and habits.

Instructor Qualifications

We have instructors at Certificate 3, 4 and Diploma Level for Outdoor Recreation. Our qualified instructors have received training through organizations such as:-

  • The Outlook School of Outdoor Recreation
  • Sunshine Coast TAFE
  • Australian Climbing Instructors Association
  • Australian School of Mountaineering
  • Queensland Canoeing
  • Queensland Ambulance Service
  • Red Cross
  • St John Ambulance
  • CBD College
  • Royal Surf Life Saving Queensland
  • The Training Collaborative
  • All our instructors carry current blue cards.

We are financial members of Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation

Vertec Adventure

Vertec Adventure