We understand that sometimes managing a workplace can be hard and stressful. Sometimes these stresses can lead to loss of productivity and sometimes a quickened turnover of workers.

Generally, people are familiar with the normal methods of learning: lectures, demonstrations and Q & A sessions. They are as familiar with undertaking activities that are considered fun, adventurous, playful and different. Despite our conditioning on how learning should be, there is plenty of contrary evidence to show that when training is innovative, stimulating, novel and enjoyable, it is also productive, memorable and brings lasting change. At Vertec Adventure we work hard at associating cutting edge team strategies to exciting activities.

Our facilitators have a range of experience and training not only in adventure based training but different spheres of business from administration, consultancy, design, architecture, construction, social work, legal services, health care, child care, investment and teaching.

Corporate team adventures

Take your team on an adventure they won’t forget. Build team rapport and improve workplace culture through one of our exciting peak experiences. Just want to have fun? Or do you want to develop your team further by anchoring these peak experiences to your workplace and team environment? We can personalise your team experiences to meet your objectives.
Most of our experiences are suitable for corporate adventures. Check out our exciting experiences HERE

Team building at your venue

We not only provide a range of themed programs at various retreat centres, but we can come to your workplace or venue with our mobile programs to avoid down time and expense of travel.

Corporate retreats

Treat your team to a retreat. We are proud to partner with the following conference centres:


QCCC Brookfield

Vertec Adventure partner with QCCC Brookfield to deliver corporate programs at this superb campsite. Brookfield is a quiet bushland area close to Brisbane city for all its attractions and a large range of recreation activitie. The accomodation is first class and the meals are exceptional!

Go to QCCC Brookfield website

Gold Coast:

QCCC Tamborine

Vertec Adventure partner with QCCC Tamborine to deliver corporate programs at this superb campsite. Tamborine is a great conference venue with a large range of outdoor recreation activities. Tamborine has a breathtaking mountain vista, surrounded by National parks with cool rainforest, creeks, waterfalls and spectacular escarpments. The accomodation is first class and the meals are exceptional!

Go to QCCC Tamborine website

Couran Cove Island Resort

Couran Cove is one of our sea kayak destinations so if a resort based ‘expedition’ is more on the cards for your team, this is a good option. Your team can paddle sea kayaks to the resort, move into the 5 star accommodation then undertake a broad range of program options. Activities include bushwalking, team building on the beach, bikes for transport around the resort as well as a large swimming pool, and many recreation activities close by.

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Vertec Adventure

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